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Choose The Right Software For Small B...

Choose The Right Software For Small Business Accounting
Tweet Small business owners must watch every penny. They also need accounting software that gives them quick, accurate results for all their business accounting jobs. For many years, Quickbooks by Intuit has served this need, but the growth of other software companies means that today’s small business owners have a variety of programs f [...]

How does a credit score affect a mort...

How does a credit score affect a mortgage rate?
Tweet Whether you are considering refinancing your existing mortgage or you are buying a home, it is a good idea to find out what your credit score is because that can have quite an impact on the rates you will be offered.  Low credit score: High rate  When a loan is being underwritten, lenders focus in on the amount of risk they are assuming [...]

Building Your Credit After Bankruptcy...

Building Your Credit After Bankruptcy: How Soon Can You Get Your Life in Order?
Tweet Bankruptcy can be financially and psychologically devastating. After you declare bankruptcy, you need to prepare yourself for a long period of financial rehabilitation. While it’s often described by money management experts as a “fresh start” that can give you some much-needed space from your creditors, the bankruptcy [...]

When Should I Start Focusing on Perso...

When Should I Start Focusing on Personal Finance?
Tweet In a world where people use credit cards left and right and rack up debt at every turn, it can be challenging for young people to understand how to correctly manage their money. If you are in your twenties or early thirties and are struggling to understand and deal with your own personal finances, don’t worry! There are a few simple st [...]

Mind Tricks: They Affect Your Investm...

Mind Tricks: They Affect Your Investment Decisions
Tweet   Investing in anything is an art form just as much as it is a financial endeavor. When people look to make a living buying and selling securities, they often get caught up in the trends that happen every day in the investing world.  When you are trying to make a living investing, you need to develop a keen focus and have faith in the s [...]

5 Ways Your Credit Score Affects Ever...

5 Ways Your Credit Score Affects Everyday Life
Tweet When a credit score is severely damaged by unemployment, overspending or a catastrophic event, the effects can be numerous. Debtors find themselves with higher insurance rates, rougher job searches and poor housing options. These factors can make it more difficult to get finances under control, as a poor credit score can also cause vari [...]

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