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An Introduction to the Double-Entry B...

An Introduction to the Double-Entry Bookkeeping System
Tweet Businesses must have methods for recording their financial transactions; this include purchases, sales, payments, and receipts. This daily process, known as bookkeeping, has multiple forms of entry systems. One of the most popular is the double-entry bookkeeping system. MAIN DESCRIPTION The underlying concept of double-entry bookkeeping [...]

A Guide to Advanced Tax Terminology

A Guide to Advanced Tax Terminology
Tweet Taxes are something that every American must face for the majority of his or her life. With the start of a first job, income taxes become one of the great inevitabilities of living in our modern society. Many people learn tax basics but there are numerous complex tax questions that everyday people will never encounter. The list below ex [...]

Should You Expect an Audit?

Should You Expect an Audit?
Tweet Auditing is every working American’s worst nightmare. The pain of tax season is hard enough with pulling data together, painstakingly entering it on forms, or hiring a professional and waiting to be sure everything is done right without the risk of an audit. Millions of individuals and families in the United States face audits each year [...]

Should Capital Gains Be Taxed Differe...

Should Capital Gains Be Taxed Differently?
Tweet Capital gains are monies derived from increased value or earnings of capital assets, but only upon realization of the profits. Capital assets are defined by the IRS as pretty much, “everything you own.” When an investment increases in value, that value is taxed at a specific rate called the capital gains tax. There are multiple reasons [...]

All About Energy Audits

All About Energy Audits
Tweet If you are tired of watching your home energy bills steadily rising, then it may be time for a home energy audit. An audit will pinpoint areas of wasted electricity, potential savings and improvements you can make to lower your energy bills. Before you start charging the children every time they turn on a light, invest in a home audit t [...]

Find the Best Retirement Plan Options...

Find the Best Retirement Plan Options in New York
Tweet If you live in or near New York City and you’re hoping to retire in the area, there are many options available for retirement savings.  With arguably the highest costs of living in the nation you are going to need a significant nest egg. While retirement options are generally specific to an individual’s situation, there are some New Yor [...]

Treat Freelance Work Like a 9 To 5 Jo...

Treat Freelance Work Like a 9 To 5 Job
Tweet Freelancers need to look at their jobs as if they are regular full-time jobs if they want to achieve success. One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is to have enough self-discipline to continue working instead of watching television or getting involved in other forms of amusing activities. A person who works out of his or her ow [...]

e-Commerce and Tax in Missouri

e-Commerce and Tax in Missouri
Tweet A study released in April by researchers at the University of Missouri disclosed the shocking fact that the state was missing out on an average of $468 million each year due to uncollected taxes on Internet sales.    Where does Missouri Stand with e-Commerce Taxes? Missouri does not currently have any regulations in place to collect e-c [...]

What Do You Need To Know About Annuit...

What Do You Need To Know About Annuities And Annuity Rates?
Tweet Annuities are types of life insurance contracts that are issued by insurance companies to insure your income. While you might not be familiar with this type of policy, it’s used in almost every pension plan, both public and private, as well as many IRAs and other private retirement plans. Even though these contracts are commonplac [...]

Retirement Rules: Social Security Bas...

Retirement Rules: Social Security Basics
Tweet As the baby boom generation, which are people born after World War II between the years of 1946 and 1965, continues to age, more and more people are becoming eligible for retirement and social security benefits. Because of this trend, social security has become more and more strained since people leaving the work force is starting to ac [...]

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