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Your Tax Refund – Why you shoul...

Your Tax Refund – Why you should invest it.
Tweet Tax Refund? Here’s Why You Should Invest It. Many business owners and freelancers overpay their taxes and thus end up getting a government tax refund. It’s tempting to use that money for things you want, whether it’s a vacation, new furniture or the latest hot gadget. But that refund can be even more useful in helping [...]

Tracking Your Expenses – the Tech-Sav...

Tracking Your Expenses – the Tech-Savvy Way
Tweet It’s a smart idea to track your expenses. It lets you see where your money goes, how you’re spending it and helps you figure out how to most easily cut back. Yet most people find expense-tracking tedious: Keeping all your receipts and diligently recording everything you spent money on – even tiny purchases – is no fun chore. [...]

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