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Tax Planning for Freelancers: Are You...

Tax Planning for Freelancers: Are You Prepared?
Tweet Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes that freelancers make is that they don’t properly budget for taxes. When you work for an employer, they automatically deduct the right amount of taxes from your paycheck. However, as a freelancer, it’s up to you to remember to set aside money for taxes. Keep in mind that just because you re [...]

Checks and Cards: Plastic Has Not Rep...

Checks and Cards: Plastic Has Not Replaced Paper
Tweet When looking at the ever-so exciting world of non-cash payment options, you basically have two widespread options nowadays: paper and plastic. It’s pretty obvious that one of those is more popular than the other, but make no mistake; the paper check isn’t dead yet, not even close. That’s because there are certain situations that simply [...]

Staying on Top of Your Student Loans

Staying on Top of Your Student Loans
Tweet Student loans can add up significantly throughout the course of a college career.  And if you don’t stay on top of them then, they can weigh heavily upon you once you graduate.  Having to deal with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt after graduation can be stifling not only to your financial life, but to [...]

Tax and Finance for all Blue Collar W...

Tax and Finance for all Blue Collar Workers
Tweet Just because you don’t wear a suit and tie to the office and make six figures doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your taxes or your finances. In fact, it’s probably even more important for blue collar workers to closely monitor their income and expenses because you may have more opportunities to take control and fin [...]

How does a credit score affect a mort...

How does a credit score affect a mortgage rate?
Tweet Whether you are considering refinancing your existing mortgage or you are buying a home, it is a good idea to find out what your credit score is because that can have quite an impact on the rates you will be offered.  Low credit score: High rate  When a loan is being underwritten, lenders focus in on the amount of risk they are assuming [...]

Cut Debt Effectively, As soon as Poss...

Cut Debt Effectively, As soon as Possible
Tweet The feeling is all too familiar. You dread going to the mailbox for fear of the number of bills that will arrive. You leave stacks of unopened envelopes on the table afraid to open them. And each night, you lose sleep over how you will get through and make it without losing your home, car or having to declare bankruptcy. Debt is a scary [...]

All About Energy Audits

All About Energy Audits
Tweet If you are tired of watching your home energy bills steadily rising, then it may be time for a home energy audit. An audit will pinpoint areas of wasted electricity, potential savings and improvements you can make to lower your energy bills. Before you start charging the children every time they turn on a light, invest in a home audit t [...]

Dealing With Business Debt

Dealing With Business Debt
Tweet Running a small business isn’t easy. There are so many tasks to handle and issues to solve that it can feel like walking a tightrope with no safety net. Managing your company tasks becomes even harder when you’re dealing with debt. It’s like trying to spin plates while walking that same tightrope. Unfortunately, itR [...]

Some Easy & Effective Ways to ma...

Some Easy & Effective Ways to manage Personal Finance
Tweet Learning about the correct ways of managing personal finance is more of a self study thing. No matter how much you read on finance and follow the daily updates, you will still need to sort out your own ways of managing your finances properly. In this article we will emphasis on certain ways that will help you in your brainstorming sessi [...]

4 Effective ways of Managing Your Fin...

4 Effective ways of Managing Your Finance
Tweet Proper management of finances is an utmost necessity in today’s world as you never know when another recession would hit the financial market and lead you to troubled waters. Especially after the back to back recessions in and after 2008 the world economy has crumbled badly and many well to do individuals suddenly found them grappling w [...]

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