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Save for College – part 1

Save for College – part 1
Tweet According to the US Census Bureau, individuals with a bachelor’s degree have the potential to earn more than double the salary of those with just a high school diploma, so even though tuition and fees are on the rise, most people feel that a college education is well worth the investment. That said, the need to set money aside for [...]

Missouri-based business offers schola...

Missouri-based business offers scholarship to students with small business experience
Tweet Hello again everybody! You all might or might not know that I’m the director of educational outreach at SuretyBonds.com, which is a surety insurance agency based out of Columbia, Missouri. We’ve recently established our first scholarship program targeting students with small business experience, and we’re trying to get [...]

Your Tax Refund – Why you shoul...

Your Tax Refund – Why you should invest it.
Tweet Tax Refund? Here’s Why You Should Invest It. Many business owners and freelancers overpay their taxes and thus end up getting a government tax refund. It’s tempting to use that money for things you want, whether it’s a vacation, new furniture or the latest hot gadget. But that refund can be even more useful in helping [...]

High Deductibles Drive Low Use

High Deductibles Drive Low Use
Tweet High deductible health plans that people receive from their employers are causing people to delay seeing the doctor when they need to do so. Oftentimes, high deductibles require them to pay more for their healthcare before they can begin to use their health benefits, and before the insurance company begins to pay a portion of the bills. [...]

The Perils of Actively Managed Funds

The Perils of Actively Managed Funds
Tweet There has long been a tension between those who advocate actively managed funds and those who believe that other options are the more prudent choice. Those who favor actively managed funds believe that the skill of a gifted asset manager can provide an important edge to the investment process. Conversely, those opposed to active managem [...]

What is a Longevity Insurance Policy ...

What is a Longevity Insurance Policy and How Should it be Used?
Tweet What is a Longevity Insurance Policy and how should it be Used?With average life expectancy climbing each year, there are millions of people out there that are now wondering how they’ll be able to support themselves when they get into their 80s and 90s. Because of this, many people choose to obtain a longevity insurance policy, which is [...]

When Are Self-Employed Medical Plan C...

When Are Self-Employed Medical Plan Costs Tax Deductible?
Tweet To take on the many benefits associated with self-employment tax deductions, there are many things that you can do. The first step in this process is to actually make sure that you are qualified for the self-employed health insurance deduction. You can acquire this deduction if you have filed for Schedule C or F on your federal tax retu [...]

Annuities Role in Retirement Accounts

Annuities Role in Retirement Accounts
Tweet Retirement is supposed to be a time when you can finally kick back and enjoy a life of leisure. The earliest a person can retire is age 61; but, over time, the average age of retirement has increased, and for many the idea of kicking back in the sun at the age of 61 has become a dream, a comical afterthought from a bygone era. These day [...]

Get a Roth IRA Now to Help You in the...

Get a Roth IRA Now to Help You in the Future
Tweet The basic assumptions when considering a traditional IRA versus a basic Roth IRA are the tax break advantages and when they occur.  A disclaimer must be made here, because taxes, like the weather, are unpredictable from year to year and it is only possible to relate taxes to the current climate. * the money contributed to a traditional [...]

Why an Annuity May Not Be Right for Y...

Why an Annuity May Not Be Right for You
Tweet There are a lot of different methods to receive income during retirement, but there has been a lot of attention on a particular type of retirement investment known as annuities.  Annuities are essentially policies that are purchased for a set amount of money and pay out a predetermined amount to the policy holder every month.  They are [...]

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