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Missouri does not mail Form 1099-G

Missouri does not mail  Form 1099-G
Tweet The Missouri DOR is not mailing Form 1099-G. Missouri is now providing 1099-G information online over a secure server that is available anytime. Form 1099-G reports the amount of refunds, credits and other offsets of state income tax during the previous year that must be reported on your federal income tax return if you itemized your [...]

The Show-Me State Shows You Your Tax ...

The Show-Me State Shows You Your Tax Rights
Tweet There’s a tax reason Missouri is known as the Show-Me state.  We tend not to take things at face value, instead wanting proof and documentation and clear, concise information. “Clear and concise” probably isn’t the first thing most people think about when the subject of tax rights come up, which is why the state issued a Taxpayer’s Bill [...]

Two or More States

Two or More States
Tweet If you work in two different states, you will file a tax return in both the states. One state is your Home Tax State with the other state being where you were/are a  part year resident. Or as I get a lot of  here in Kansas City, You live in one state and work in another. In some cases, you may have even more states.    Last year I had a [...]

Local State News

Local State News
Tweet State of Missouri News Missing a Refund? Have you filed a Missouri return in the past couple years, but didn’t receive your refund? The state of Missouri has lots of returned refund checks just waiting to be claimed. If you think one of them may be you, click here to see if your name is on the list. “Show Me Proof” Req [...]

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