Treat Freelance Work Like a 9 To 5 Job

Freelancers need to look at their jobs as if they are regular full-time jobs if they want to achieve success. One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is to have enough self-discipline to continue working instead of watching television or getting involved in other forms of amusing activities. A person who works out of his or her own home has complete freedom, since there is no boss telling the freelancer what to do or when to submit his or her work.

Freelancers Can Work 24 Hours a Day, But Discipline is a Good Rule to Follow 

A freelancer does not need to punch a time clock, and has the ability to work at any hour of the day or night. A person can easily make use of a bout of insomnia when there is plenty of freelance work to do at home. The individual simply gets out of bed and starts working, even if it is during the earliest hours of a new day. Even so, regarding freelance hours similarly to the hours performed at a regular 9 to 5 job can help a self-employed person to perform more work and earn additional money.

Calculate Hourly Wages

It is easy to calculate earnings per hour. Simply time the amount of work performed by using a physical clock or software designed for this purpose. For instance, a freelance writer who earns $60.00 writing one or more articles in five hours is earning $12.00 per hour. It may be necessary to take on freelance work that provides less than satisfactory hourly wages in the beginning, but the amount per hour should increase with experience. 

How to Manage Time as a Freelancer

A little experience goes a long way when performing work as a freelancer. After a few months or perhaps a few years, the freelancer begins to learn the best days and hours in which tasks are more easily accomplished. Some days of the week may provide more work, while other days may not yield any substantial work. After a while, the freelancer can develop a healthy pattern of working and taking time off from work to shop for necessities, eat, socialize and get ample sleep.

Remember to Take Breaks

If a freelancer treats freelance work in a similar fashion as work performed in a normal job, they are sure to earn more money and have enough spare time for accomplishing other tasks. It is useful to take breaks and eat a good lunch. This is often a difficult rule to follow because the self-employed person can get very involved in work and forget that time even exists. However, a person can accomplish more work when he or she remembers to drink a cup of coffee or tea, eat a good meal, take a few deep breaths, go for a brisk walk or listen to music for a short time. A refreshed body and mind can help a person who works at home to have greater success.

Strive to Attain Set Goals for Earning and Saving Money

It is useful to have a strategy for earning money. The freelancer must always have a few reliable baskets that provide steady work, and then continue to look for more baskets whenever time permits. The old saying that it is not a good idea to put all eggs into one basket is a good rule of thumb when applied to freelance work, because this type of work can stem from many different sources. Additionally, it is useful to open up a savings account right away, even before any money starts to accumulate. The person who puts away a little bit of money on a regular basis is sure to find the inspiration to earn even greater amounts of money in the future.


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