Putting the “One Click” back into “One Click” Accounting Software

For small business owners time is one asset that there can never be enough of.  In addition to the day job – the bit that actually brings in the money – there are plenty of little side jobs that can eat into the day.  Sometimes, often in fact, these also eat into the evening and the weekend.  This is a fact that employed friends rarely realise when they envy the ‘freedom’ that your self-employed status suggests!  One area for all of us that can take up considerable amounts of our unpaid overtime is the accounts.  While employing an accountant can help to make this task easier, simple accounting software can also help.  One of the leading small business accounting software providers has just launched their 2013 issue and Intuit, the people behind QuickBooks, have shown that they truly understand the main concern of many small business owners – the streamlining of all and any administrative tasks.                 

The 2013 QuickBooks Range

The new edition focuses clearly on building on the QuickBooks range’s already simple to use reputation.  This is crucial for small firms in particular, while being a huge advantage to any sized firm.  One thing that most self-employed individuals do not have is a great deal of experience in managing business accounts.  This problem is compounded by the fact that running your own business doesn’t normally leave much time for learning more complex skills and keeping up to date with legislation relating to financial and accounting issues.  One of the main reasons that QuickBooks has consistently led the field in accountancy software for small businesses is that it, unlike some of the larger software providers, understands this.  Like its predecessors, the 2013 issue of QuickBooks takes the simple, functional and ease-of-use approach as its core principle. 

Clarity, Simplicity and Functionality

The approach to developing the new edition seems to clearly be enhancing the simplicity of the products, without loosing functionality.  A range of existing functions in the existing QuickBooks products have been simply streamlined, without being cut.  Most of us appreciate that our accounting functions underpin nearly all of our business activities but don’t feel the pressing need to spend hours completing more complex accountancy tasks, generating reports or managing invoices.  Accounting is important but it’s not a task that should take up a great deal of time and this is especially the case for the smallest of businesses.  The QuickBooks 2013 issue offers a range of simple (and some more complex functions) re-designed to put the ‘one-click’ back into ‘one-click’ accounting. 

Putting the Focus on Business

Many business sites and software providers seem to design their content to keep our attention focussed on them!  This is where the QuickBooks range differs; perhaps there is a clue in the name, quick should, after all, mean just that.  While some providers of a range of business services would prefer us to stay surfing their pages, remaining distracted and occasionally tempted to add a new feature of their product portfolio, Intuit’s products have always been designed to allow us to log on, input, close down and get on and do something more important.  This is where the company’s claims to provide the number one solutions for small firms seem to ring true.  The updated version of the product range remains available in both online and offline varieties, the former particularly designed with small, mobile businesses in mind.  Allowing instant access while out and about, the online version of the QuickBooks range addresses a huge number of problems in terms of time management that many of the smallest business face.  Intuit’s products are designed with business owners in mind, not with the company’s own needs.  The QuickBooks 2013 software builds on an already established and popular brand and is clearly focussed on existing customer feedback and a deep level of understanding of the market that Intuit caters for. 

Contributed by Carlo Pandian, freelance writer based in UK covering everything from tax tips to small business management tools.

© 2012, Carlo Pandian. All rights reserved.

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  1. November 20, 2012    

    I’ve been using anothr accounting program, following byour post I will have a look into the 2013 QuickBooks version. Thanks Carlo

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