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And here I go

Apologies to all those who read Thursdays post and expected to hear me on the show…. There was an interesting development yesterday afternoon.

The following is a copy of the e-mail I received announcing why I “wasn’t” on Friday evening:


Subject: Don’t worry — the BIG afternoon show hosted by Kai Ryssdal choose your story to air on Tax Day….


So this means… you will NOT hear yourself this weekend on Marketplace Money – instead close to 10 million people will hear you on Monday!!!  Congrats. 

Here’s the new link for those stations – close to 500 :-)  





Devin Maverick Robins

Show Producer, Marketplace Money

261 South Figueroa St. Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA 90012


 Wowzers, right?

The show, I am guessing got upgraded to a better time slot. Not to mention more radio stations. I was even excited to hear that I would be able to listen locally in a follow up email I received this:


You will now be able to hear yourself Monday at 6:30pm on KCUR-FM 89.3 out of Kansas City, MO!!!!!  


For my friends who don’t have the ability to get a station, the link for KCUR has a live feed….






On the off hand chance you missed the broadcast here is the link to my segment

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