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Last week was July 4th, a great day for this country. I asked two of my children if they knew what all the hubbub was all about and both gave a pretty clear “nope”. At first I blamed myself, then their mother back to myself then the school system then myself again. How could my children not know about our Independence? For many of us in the US, this means picnics and barbecues, fireworks and parades. I’d like to think that most people in this country know about this holiday, what it represents and why we celebrate it so. “In the middle of all of the pomp and circumstance, let’s not forget why we celebrate this day.” Please read Happy 4th of July! From the TAXGIRL.

and the truth is out, stop reading that email No Tax on Health Care Benefits for 2010 or 2011 or…

IS A PUZZLEMENT is a post describing an IRS situation of confusion. This is a great post because it shows just how confused the IRS can be and often is.

And the final piece of the list Midyear tax tip #10: Get organized. Well done. For a recap of all ten you can visit my post from last week.

The IRS Hitman points out that the system just isn’t what it should in his post Prison Inmates Con the IRS Out of $9 Million in Homebuyer Tax Credits.

One Job “Created,” Another Destroyed - “On a tour to view the results of this spending he spoke in front of employees of Smith Electric Vehicles in Kansas City, MO, and pointed out that “There is a thriving enterprise here instead of an empty, darkened warehouse.””- Okay to get this you’d have to read the post, but hey The Presedent was here in the area.

IRS Patrol: IRS Requests Public Input on Expanded Information Reporting Requirementis a post from Stacie over at Stacies more Tax tips. If you’re wondering about expanded reporting requirements for Form 1099 recipients please read her post.

Must a Practitioner Audit a Client’s Financials? The IRS would think so?

Joe from the Taxupdate blog is out on vacation. summer reruns have been being posted if you have missed them be sure to go now and read them.

the writing on the wall: stock prices for H&R Block and competition oops, is it the CEO leaving or is it a trend that people may be realizing those companies for what hey are.

The thought that I was the only one who got those letters was a mistake. What letters check out This Year’s Spin from Our Taxing Times.

“A lot of people are really struggling with rising costs and shrinking pay checks. If you’re one of the people caught up in that struggle, here are the Top 10 Questions That Will Transform Your Finances.”

401k Roll-Overs and Conversion To Roth Accounts May Soon be Permitted if this is something your wanting then this is a read for you.

You already know the importance of tracking your budget, But what if your spouse doesn’t understand these things?  Then check out How to Get Your Spouse On Your Financial Team.

Another look at midyear tax moves

“Yep, when it comes to tax planning, there’s no such thing as too much!”

The Cost of Inattention think about it, it has be done right the first time, yes?

I was really unsure if I wanted to start out with this or end with this so as you can see it ended up somewhere in-between. There is a great post about this blog over at The Tax University Blog. If you want another opinion or your trying to convince someone to read this blog please read IRS Tax Help Blog from Missouri “TaxGuy” Offers Resources for Tax Preparation and Personal Finances. It really is a great read. Thanks for the great post Michael.

A few more great reads from there.

And for even more The Tax University Blog has been added to the blog roll.

National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson released a report to Congress that identifies the issues the Taxpayer Advocate Service will focus on for Fiscal Year 2011. Here’s the highlight reel from the IRS Hitman National Taxpayer Advocate Mid-Year Report to Congress.

For more on the report please see NEW REPORT FROM THE NATIONAL TAXPAYER ADVOCATE from the Wondering Tax Pro.

IRS Goes High Tech For Recruits – The IRS has more than 100,000 full-time and seasonal employees across the country. It’s a number that may continue to grow as audits and collections matters increase. You can check out the IRS’ jobs website at www.jobs.irs.gov.

So, how much should we save? The Prudent Habit of Saving is a good post if this is a thought of yours.

Preparing for the Future: A Risk-Management Checklist is an interesting read from GetRichSlowly

I found this on my surfing and it has nothing to do much about taxes but it is great Mastery and the Average Factory Worker “I cannot think of one problem that can’t be solved by this solution: “Work more hours than the average factory worker.”

The Effect of Baby Boomer Retirements on the Stock Market is a good read from fivecentnickel.com.

Some Thoughts on DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) from the simple dollar. Is a must read.

4 Changes To Make In This New Economy This is a new blog from my end of the world called Money Crashers.

“Early tax-advantaged saving coupled with the benefits of compounding make investing in a 529 plan a smart financial move.” Andy explains in his post How to Choose a 529 Plan And Save Now For Future College Costs – Prepaid vs. College Tax Savings Plan.

Congratulations to Joe over at Café tax. This is a great post So Why Are Babies Called a Tax Deduction. Where did you get that great baby picture?

The IRS Wants To Turn Your Independent Contractor Into An Employee is a post from the blog over at Diane Kennedy’s US Tax Aide blog. Another new place for me. There are some great post over there. Like:

And my two favorites so far:

In case you missed it, I have added Diane Kennedy’s US Tax Aide blog to my tax blog roll.

Flabbergasted Reputable Tax Service Company acting like an A-Hole is great, comment spammers beware.

Also, Staci has been running an interesting series “This is a multi-part series about a girl enticed into the indentured life of a door-to-door seller of magazine subscriptions. Her recount of industry practices and the resulting tax consequence is truly shocking.”

This is great, 10 Commandments [??] for CPA Practice  and I’d have to guess Humorous.

3 big myths about the economy

7 stupid retirement myths exposed

I have often wondered the whereas and or the why-fors  when a company picks a name  well wisebread has posted How 16 Great Companies Picked Their Unique Names. Very interesting. And to think, I just used what I do and the letters of some of my children.

11 Reasons Your SMB Still Needs A Web Site I have run across this and it is a great post a must read if your small business is considering a website or not.

In closing this weeks reads, I want to throw out there to you my next thought in the blogging world. It has come to my attention that there are a lot of QuickBooks users out there. I have a client who is as smart as any business owner comes. He is very good at what he does, yet when it comes to accounting and QuickBooks he has issues like anyone else. I have been dealing with his One companies issues for a while now and have deemed from it that although there are hundreds of sites out there talking about QuickBooks I am considering my own.

The question I have for my readers, should I make it is going to be a blog, Should I make it a part of this site or should I just start another?

I have heard clients say that the best help they have found has been with video so they can follow along. Mine won’t have video, but rest assured there will be lots of pictures – and it will be starting with 2010 Version Not for Mac.

Please email and let me know what you think.

QuickBooks 2010 R7 Update


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