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Choose The Right Software For Small B...

Choose The Right Software For Small Business Accounting
Tweet Small business owners must watch every penny. They also need accounting software that gives them quick, accurate results for all their business accounting jobs. For many years, Quickbooks by Intuit has served this need, but the growth of other software companies means that today’s small business owners have a variety of programs f [...]

Putting the “One Click” back into “On...

Putting the “One Click” back into “One Click” Accounting Software
Tweet For small business owners time is one asset that there can never be enough of.  In addition to the day job – the bit that actually brings in the money – there are plenty of little side jobs that can eat into the day.  Sometimes, often in fact, these also eat into the evening and the weekend.  This is a fact that employed friends rarely [...]

Memorize Repetitive Transactions

Screen Memorize Repetitive Transactions
Tweet Filling out invoices the first time can be a pain, especially if they’re lengthy. But doing the same thing repeatedly if the identical invoice recurs regularly? No need. QuickBooks can memorize a variety of transaction types, including invoices, purchase orders, and bills. After you’ve memorized them, you can edit, reschedul [...]

A look at QuickBooks 2011

Screen 2011
Tweet Every year since its inception in the early nineties, Intuit has delivered an enhanced version of its desktop QuickBooks program. Each annual edition incorporates myriad of new and upgraded features designed to save you time, money, and frustration – and let you focus on your business, not your finances. QuickBooks 2011 is no [...]

Tax Time, How QuickBooks Helps You De...

Quickbooks at tax time
Tweet The reasons for putting off tax preparations are endless – and understandable. But when we procrastinate on this tedious job, tax filing deadlines mean marathon sessions grappling with tax records. Not only is this unpleasant, but it also makes it more likely you’ll make potentially costly mistakes on your return. Conscienti [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Use QuickBo...

Untitled picture
Tweet Why You Should Use QuickBooks QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to mid-sized business owners. I have been recommending it for over 13 years and use it myself. Below are the reasons why you should use QuickBooks: QuickBooks Organizes your Files and Makes Tax Time Easy – Save up to 20% Now + Free Shipp [...]

Use QuickBooks’s Budgeting Tool...

Use QuickBooks’s Budgeting Tools
Tweet Having just done this myself I wanted to put this information out from my monthly news letter so everyone can get a look at it. QuickBooks is a very useful tool with very useful tools. If you took a break from budgeting this summer and are now ready to get back on track, QuickBooks can help. The software’s budgeting tools are easy [...]

Mistakes made in QuickBooks

Mistakes made in QuickBooks
Tweet Common QuickBooks Mistakes  Okay truth be known (for those of you not in the know) I am a big QuickBooks fan. Meaning a lot of companies, new businesses and the such who can’t afford to take on an accounting firm to handle their needs they need something to handle their books. In cases like that, I recommend only QuickBooks products. W [...]

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