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Save for College – part 1

Save for College – part 1
Tweet According to the US Census Bureau, individuals with a bachelor’s degree have the potential to earn more than double the salary of those with just a high school diploma, so even though tuition and fees are on the rise, most people feel that a college education is well worth the investment. That said, the need to set money aside for [...]

Some Easy & Effective Ways to ma...

Some Easy & Effective Ways to manage Personal Finance
Tweet Learning about the correct ways of managing personal finance is more of a self study thing. No matter how much you read on finance and follow the daily updates, you will still need to sort out your own ways of managing your finances properly. In this article we will emphasis on certain ways that will help you in your brainstorming sessi [...]

Find the Best Retirement Plan Options...

Find the Best Retirement Plan Options in New York
Tweet If you live in or near New York City and you’re hoping to retire in the area, there are many options available for retirement savings.  With arguably the highest costs of living in the nation you are going to need a significant nest egg. While retirement options are generally specific to an individual’s situation, there are some New Yor [...]

Building Your Credit After Bankruptcy...

Building Your Credit After Bankruptcy: How Soon Can You Get Your Life in Order?
Tweet Bankruptcy can be financially and psychologically devastating. After you declare bankruptcy, you need to prepare yourself for a long period of financial rehabilitation. While it’s often described by money management experts as a “fresh start” that can give you some much-needed space from your creditors, the bankruptcy [...]

Your Tax Refund – Why you shoul...

Your Tax Refund – Why you should invest it.
Tweet Tax Refund? Here’s Why You Should Invest It. Many business owners and freelancers overpay their taxes and thus end up getting a government tax refund. It’s tempting to use that money for things you want, whether it’s a vacation, new furniture or the latest hot gadget. But that refund can be even more useful in helping [...]

Retirement Options for Freelancers

Retirement Options for Freelancers
Tweet If you are self-employed, then retirement might not be something you give much thought to. After all, you set your own hours, make your own money, and live the way you want. However, if you want to continue enjoying all of the freedom and other benefits that being self-employed offers, you need to start planning for your future as soon [...]

Ensuring Your Family’s Security...

Ensuring Your Family’s Security with an Estate Plan
Tweet No matter what your net worth, you should have an estate plan in place. Such a plan ensures that your family is cared for and your assets maximized upon your death. An estate plan consists of your will, health care documents, powers of attorney, life insurance coverage, and post-mortem letters. For those of you with an estate plan alrea [...]

Financial Tips

Financial Tips
Tweet You can avoid headaches at tax time by keeping track of your receipts and other records throughout the year. Good record-keeping will help you remember the various transactions you made during the year, which in turn may make filing your return less, ummm, taxing. Records help you document the deductions you’ve claimed on your ret [...]

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