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Tweet Now I have done it. I have found another fantastic tool to help business owners. Are you wanting to figure out what all those numbers mean? Here is the tool you must have. Not only will you now know what all this information is telling you, but Finnagraph will give you pointers on things you can do to make things better. It is such a g [...]

Payroll Tips – Handling Missour...

Payroll Tips – Handling Missouri Prevailing Wage Rates by County
Tweet With the implementation of House Bill 34, contractors in Missouri will now pay prevailing wage based on wage rates within each County instead of a prevailing or average rate based on wages paid throughout the state. For contractors in rural area’s working on public works projects within their own county, this could significantly reduce [...]

Choose The Right Software For Small B...

Choose The Right Software For Small Business Accounting
Tweet Small business owners must watch every penny. They also need accounting software that gives them quick, accurate results for all their business accounting jobs. For many years, Quickbooks by Intuit has served this need, but the growth of other software companies means that today’s small business owners have a variety of programs f [...]

Putting the “One Click” back into “On...

Putting the “One Click” back into “One Click” Accounting Software
Tweet For small business owners time is one asset that there can never be enough of.  In addition to the day job – the bit that actually brings in the money – there are plenty of little side jobs that can eat into the day.  Sometimes, often in fact, these also eat into the evening and the weekend.  This is a fact that employed friends rarely [...]

3 Common QuickBooks Payroll Questions

3 Common QuickBooks Payroll Questions
Tweet QuickBooks payroll can feel very complicated, especially to new users. Here are 3 of the most common QuickBooks Payroll questions that I’m asked and that I see on the Inuit Community forums. Are you new to doing payroll in QuickBooks? Perhaps you’ve switched to QuickBooks from another accounting program or payroll processing method and [...]

QuickBooks Payroll – Straight Time, O...

QuickBooks Payroll – Straight Time, Overtime, Double-time..Oh My
Tweet QuickBooks Payroll services have come a long way over the course of its lifetime, however, one thing that is still sadly lacking is the fact that tracking straight time, overtime, double-time and even weighted-average overtime must still be done through manual calculations by whoever is responsible for issuing employee paychecks/payroll [...]

How I answered the letter

How I answered the letter
Tweet Mr. Joe friday,             Your clients are surely not unique, unfortunately. I understand your issues and concerns I will address them for you as best I can.             As a RTRP or EA if you suspect or are knowledgeable of a miss-reporting of income, it is your responsibility to report that to the IRS.  Now here are a lot of big ifs [...]

Keeping Track Of What You Owe with Lo...

Keeping Track Of What You Owe with Loan Manager
Tweet QuickBooks Tip: Unless and until your business is swimming in cash, there will come a time that you have to make a big purchase and *gasp* get a loan.  The horror. So now that you’ve done what you had to do by getting a loan for that big purchase, you have to keep track of it and the balance somehow.  Most loans are amortized – meaning [...]

How To Handle Bounced Checks

Tweet QuickBooks Tip: Admit it.  Bouncing a check is annoying and embarrassing.  The bank charges a fee for every bounce, you rack up the fees and you have to tell people when to re-deposit the check or write them a new one. When you get a rubber check from a customer, it’s just as annoying… if not more so.  In addition to the annoyance and [...]

Ask For Help

Message In Bottle
Tweet It’s such an easy thing to do and yet our pride steps in and makes asking a simple question seem like lifting a 2 ton brick. Can you help me? I love when people ask me for help. It is so flattering. It means they think I actually know something. That’s how MOST people feel when you ask for help. No one is going to bite you, I promise. T [...]

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