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What you’ll Need

What you’ll Need
Tweet             Well here we are, January and it is time to start getting your tax information ready. But what do you need? Twelve months have passed. With the economy the way it is many have already been thinking about their taxes, some haven’t.               Getting things ready to take in to your tax preparer is sometimes a gruelin [...]

Reads from Last Week. . . .

Reads from Last Week. . . .
Tweet          Hey, another Sunday and a lot of Post to read. I am throwing in a lot of articles about Finance and such because it is that time of year, and I love Christmas. Yea, December and the holiday cheer. Anyway without further chattedly  conversing, “. . .and here we go.”            Compensating audited taxpayers: an idea whose time h [...]

A brief overview of the alternative m...

A brief overview of the alternative minimum tax (AMT).
Tweet           The Alternative Minimum Tax (or AMT) is an extra tax some people have to pay on top of their regular income tax. Okay that sounds pretty messed up, doesn’t it?           In recent years, the AMT has been under increased attention. Why? Well, put simply, because the AMT is not cataloged or set up for inflation, thus because of [...]

Form 1040 “New for 2009, Filing...

Form 1040 “New for 2009, Filing”
Tweet             Well the IRS has released its “draft” of the 2009 Form 1040. Clicking the photo on the right will take you in a new window so you can see it if you like.  The only change in the “Income” section is line 19. It is still for “Unemployment compensation”, but they added the phrase “. . . in excess of $2,400 per recipient (see p [...]

Welcome to the new site address. .

Welcome to the new site address. .
Tweet             Welcome to my new site for this blog. As you can see I have changed it around a bit. Okay a lot.              Reason for the change is, well, not sure. Basically just decided the place needed remodeled. That is what has been taking so long. Locating a theme and then tweaking it to something that is enjoyable on the eyes and [...]

“Why, Eckhardt, you oughta think abou...

“Why, Eckhardt, you oughta think about the future.”
Tweet . . . Eckhardt merely scoffs at the statement, “You’re an A-1 nut-boy, and Grissom knows it.” Later as things had changed, he is told again, “Eckhardt! Think about the future.” Of course then Eckhardt is killed.               Avoid the ‘Death Tax’.               As a fan of the Batman movies, I am interested in its cha [...]

Making Work Pay tax credit

Making Work Pay tax credit
Tweet April 1st was implementation day for the Making Work Pay tax credit, and it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), Congress’ most recent effort to “stimulate” our economy, contains this new tax credit, which will affect everyone when filing your individual return. You may be a [...]

Need more time to file?

Need more time to file?
Tweet Today is the day, or the last day I should say. If you can’t meet the April filing deadline to file your tax return, you can get an automatic six month extension of time to file from the IRS. Some things you need to know about filing for an extension: An extension will give you extra time to get your paperwork to the IRS, but [...]

Some Commonly Overlooked Small Busine...

Some Commonly Overlooked Small Business Deductions
Tweet Written by: Courtney Phillips   In the current economic climate, it is no surprise that people are looking for ways to save on their taxes.  Over the last several years, many people have begun to telecommute, freelance, or work from home.  These people often do not realize that there are many things that can be deducted from taxes as an [...]

Are Credit Card Statements Sufficient...

Are Credit Card Statements Sufficient Documentation for the IRS?
Tweet Written By: Steve Sildon           For those running small or home-based businesses, you may have gotten in the habit of using a credit card to charge items for your business. The nice thing about using a credit card, especially a small business credit card, is that card issuers typically provide year-end expense statements that itemize [...]

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