Welcome to the new site address. .

            Welcome to my new site for this blog. As you can see I have changed it around a bit. Okay a lot. 

            Reason for the change is, well, not sure. Basically just decided the place needed remodeled. That is what has been taking so long. Locating a theme and then tweaking it to something that is enjoyable on the eyes and easy to move around in. 

            I don’t have all the bugs worked out of a few things so if you experience problems please let me know.

             The design here, is one that I am hoping has a faster load time.  I also have added a few things and removed a few more. I won’t be advertising other than for other Blogs. 

Things that are still missing:

           As with all new things, it takes awhile to get them rolling correctly. To that end please not that my blog rolls are not yet posted but will be. My quotes didn’t make the move so I need to re enter those by hand, and will do so as time permits.

          I haven’t figured out how to change the feed from the old to the new. I have a feed for this site, just not sure how to guide my feed readers here from the old. A work in progress and a plea for help. If you know the feedburner way to do this pleas email me from my contact page. 

What’s New: (aside from the obvious) 

           I have a new widget “Related Posts” that will announce other post within this site that may be related to whatever current subject I have written about. It is active now and has added to past post. If this works out for all, this feature will be staying. 

         In an effort to spruce things up a bit (let us face it, taxes can get a bit boring/dull), I have added a plug-in that will help me find and inset pictures into my post. 

          There is a widget on the side that allows me to let everyone keep tabs on what book I may be reading. . . This seems somewhat bothersome but if the feedback is good, it will be something to keep using. 

         I have entered a lot of new spam blockers (spam in the comment section is very annoying). At the bottom there is a small counter showing how much spam is being blocked. 

         You will notice a link at the bottom to share post on facebook. I have become a big facebook fan. Mostly playing the games (three of them anyway), but also as a communication tool.

          Below that you will see “Share and Enjoy” this is a plug in that will allow you to share post via your favorite social network. If you don’t see yours please contact me and I’ll add it.

For now that is about it. I am still tweaking things trying to get them just so, Please have a little patients with the re birth of the site. If there is some trick or gadget you would like to see here please let me know.

 Thanks and enjoy. fp102709-12
Creative Commons License photo credit: fontplaydotcom


© 2009, Bruce McFarland. All rights reserved.

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  1. Kim's Gravatar Kim
    October 27, 2009    

    I really like the gray background as it makes the text pop and you can easily focus on important points as well. I’m sure as you use it more & with feedback you’ll tweak it into exactly what you’ve envisioned and an incredibly informative and useful tool for your readers. Way to go!

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